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How to best contact Alpha Zero

[box]Get help quickly
Answers to the most commonly asked questions are answered in our Knowledge Base
So we can best serve our customers, queries which are already covered in the Knowledge Base are responded to with a low priority[/box]

Pre-Sale Questions

Much information on set ups, production lead-times and delivery times is available in the Knowledge Base. If you have a product enquiry, availability or lead-time question or require a quotation for an espresso machine, please contact us at We are typically able to respond within one working day.

Returns & Exchanges

Please read Returning or Excahnging Products and notify us at

Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Repair

Please start with your product’s respective product guide. Most common issues are either covered on the product guide page or in the owner’s manual.

If you’re product is within the warranty period please contact us at Please note that we are only able to provide support for items purchased from Alpha Zero.

If you item is outside of the warranty period and requires servicing, you can:
• purchase an engineer call out (if in the UK)
• find an engineer near you using a free service on United Baristas Workshop


If you wish to trade-in your existing espresso machine towards a new customised espresso machine, please send full details, service history and photographs to as well as a specification of the machine you wish to purchase. If we are interested, we’ll respond with an offer and quotation.

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