Fellow Prismo


Add superpowers to your Aeropress

The Prismo valve stays sealed until you press down on your Aeropress, adding pressure to the chamber resulting in a more espresso-like shot. Kapow!

Key Information
∙ Reusable 70 micron etched fine metal filter
∙ Pressure actuated valve to increase internal pressure
∙ Drip seal allows you to brew full immersion method without inverting
∙ Makes espresso, Americano and milk coffees possible
Good to know
Can be used with, or without, Aeropress paper filters.
Use Prismo to brew a shot, then drink straight or add milk or water to taste.
Can be used to make cold brew and to also steep teas.

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Add functionality 

Specifically made to attach to Aerobie’s Aeropress coffee maker to produce a more espresso-like shot.


Use with, or without, paper filters, to brew coffee or tea.

Make multiple drinks  

Use Prismo to extract a shot, and then drink straight to add milk or water to prepare your preferred coffee style .

Specification & Technical

Unit Dimensions & Weight
∙ 70 diameter x 25 high mm
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